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Jotron SMART-OIL recording system - enhancing air traffic control safety for the offshore market

Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, recently launched a new recording system designed for offshore helicopter traffic. The SMART-OIL system includes recording of audio and CCTV operations. Originally developed for offshore audio and CCTV recording requirements in Brazil, SMART-OIL is now offered to countries worldwide.

Ricochet Safe Maritime ATC Recorder Technology - Offshore Industrial Level (SMART-OIL) is tested and verified. The system offers instant synchronous replay access and integrated replay and data management. SMART-OIL records up to 3 audio channels and 3 CCTV cameras, ensuring enhanced offshore traffic control safety.

Offshore operators and vessel owners play a major role in ensuring offshore helicopter flight safety. To be able to avoid accidents and reconstruct incidents, recording communication between helicopters, offshore platforms and vessels is crucial. Jotron is the first company to offer a recording solution exclusively developed for small onshore and offshore air traffic control operations. Jotron has years of experience within development of ICAO approved air traffic control systems and SMART-OIL can be integrated with existing Jotron radios.

“40 SMART-OIL systems are already in use globally. At the moment, the majority of these systems are installed in the Brazilian market, however we anticipate new safety recording requirements to come in other geographical locations in the near future, for example in Asia, Africa and the North Sea. Jotron is ready to meet these technology requirements with SMART-OIL. We predict an increasing need for our solution within the offshore market,” says Leif Morten Ramberg, Director Sales & Marketing Energy at Jotron.

For more information, please contact Leif Morten Ramberg - Jotron, tel: +47 3313 9700.