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Jotron celebrates one year of operation since launch of the world's first float free VDR capsule

Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, introduced the world's first float free voyage data recorder - Tron 40VDR Float Free Capsule - at the SMM exhibition in Germany last year. Today, the product celebrates one year of market success.

In September 2014, after several years of development in close collaboration with major VDR manufacturers, the Jotron combined float free emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) and float free storage medium, was released to the international maritime market. This cutting-edge product is developed for severe conditions and installed on thousands of vessels worldwide. Tron 40VDR is today supplied to all major manufacturers of VDR systems and is considered a vital and crucial part of their total supply to the global merchant industry.

“Jotron launched Tron 40VDR Float Free Capsule last year and the market response has surpassed all expectations,” says Rolf Andreas Wallin, Director Sales and Marketing Maritime and Energy Communication Division Jotron.

A VDR system and the recorded data stored in the final recording medium are vital and helpful for investigators, ship owners and authorities to identify the cause of any accident. Other purposes for use of a VDR are; preventive maintenance, performance efficiency monitoring, heavy weather damage analysis, accident avoidance and training. Thereby, improving safety and reducing costs.

The Tron 40VDR Float Free Capsule is Cospas-Sarsat and MED approved. Tron 40VDR also complies with the latest VDR performance standards IMO MSC.333 (90), IEC61996-1 Ed.2 and IEC61097-2. The separate VDR storage module contains a standard 64GB memory capacity. 

For more information, please contact Rolf Andreas Wallin, tel: +47 33 13 97 00.