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Jotron to release 4 new telephones (UpN and VoIP versions), for their integrated communication systems ICS 6200

This year, Jotron has the pleasure of introducing an upgrade of our telephone exchange system - ICS 6200 Integrated Communication System - both in terms of new system telephones and updated approvals. The new telephones will be launched in 2018, date to be announced.

Jotron releases 4 telephones in 2018.jpg

200100  Phontech  6210, Telephone, Desktop/Wall, UpN, IP22
200200  Phontech  7210, Telephone, Desktop/Wall, VoIP, IP22

200700  Phontech  6223, Telephone, Console, UpN, IP22
200800   Phontech  7223, Telephone, Console, VoIP, IP22

200300  Phontech  6211, Telephone, Industrial, UpN, IP56
200400  Phontech  7211, Telephone, Industrial, VoIP, IP56

In addition to the 3 new telephones above, Jotron also launches 1 industrial version telephone without handset both as UpN, IP56 and VoIP, IP56.  (No pictures available yet)

200500 6212 Telephone, industrial, without handset, UpN, IP56
200600  7212 Telephone, industrial, without handset, VoIP, IP56

All new telephones will be type approved together with our telephone exchange ICS 6200 according to DNVGL, ABS, CCS and RMRSDNV/GL.

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