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Jotron to supply PAGA system to Norwegian oil and gas sector

Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, has entered into a contract with Norwegian Aibel AS. Jotron will supply PAGA system to Norwegian west coast landfall facility Kalstø.

Aibel AS, a leading service company within the oil, gas and renewable energy sector, will do the total upgrade of Kalstø. This landfall facility consist of several pipelines running from North Sea platforms into Kalstø then continues to the Kårstø gas plant for processing, before ending up in Emden, Germany. Kalstø has been a central distribution point for gas fields between the North Sea and continental Europe since 1985.

Jotron has designed and produced ship internal communication and onshore / offshore PAGA systems for the oil and gas sector since 1979. This signed contract includes supply of a new PAGA system to Kalstø which will interface with an upgrade of the existing PAGA system at Kårstø processing plant. Jotron will supply the system, upgrade and interface capability in June 2015.

“Jotron supplied and installed the existing PAGA system at Kårstø 15 years ago,” says Hans Malvin Hansen, Manager Project Department Maritime & Energy Division Jotron. ”We are pleased to have been selected to complete this work, this demonstrates confidence in our technology and expertise.”

For more information, please contact Hans Malvin Hansen - Jotron, tel: +47 33 13 97 00.

About Aibel AS (
Aibel is a leading service company within the oil and gas industry and is established in renewable energy. The company`s around 5,000 employees in Norway and abroad are engaged onshore and offshore. With eight locations in Norway, the company is located near the customers. In addition to operations in Norway, Aibel is also located in Thailand, Singapore and Denmark.