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Jotron upgrades PA&GA system at Statoil's Heidrun platform

Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, has entered into a contract with Norwegian company REINERTSEN AS. Jotron will supply a new and upgraded Public Announcement (PA) & General Alarm (GA) system on the Heidrun platform.


Heidrun is an oil and gas field that was discovered in 1985 on the Halten Bank of the Norwegian Sea. Statoil is the field operator. The Heidrun field has produced oil and gas since 1995.

I 1995, a PA&GA system manufactured and supplied by Jotron was chosen. Now 20 years later, Jotron will again supply a PA&GA system to the same field. This installation and upgrade is expected to have a lifetime of 20 years and will be executed later this year. The replacement will neither affect nor hamper the ongoing production of the platform. This new system installation will supply the platform operators the benefit of enhanced top notch communication technology. New features and world class amplifiers reduce the existing four cabinets to two, offering a more efficient system while occupying less floor space.

“Jotron is pleased to be selected as the supplier once again, especially to the same platform as 20 years ago,” says Leif Morten Ramberg, Director Marketing and Sales Energy Markets at Jotron. “It is fantastic to know that Jotron remains the preferred supplier in one of the world’s most technology advanced industries.”

Jotron has designed and produced ship internal communication and onshore/offshore PA&GA systems for the oil and gas sector since 1979. REINERTSEN AS is a major supplier of maintenance services at Norwegian processing sites, Norwegian shelf and inland. The company is presently a maintenance and modification contractor for Heidrun, Grane, Heimdal and Troll A, B, C offshore platforms. REINERTSEN AS will do the installation of the new Heidrun PA&GA upgrade. Jotron will support and maintain the system for the next 20 years.

“A communication system is crucial for safety on platforms operating 24/7. Executing and maintaining large and extremely complex oil and gas projects, REINERTSEN AS will not compromise safety technology,” says Sindre Faanes at REINERTSEN AS. “This is why we chose the PA&GA communication system from Jotron.”

For more information, please contact Leif Morten Ramberg – Jotron, tel: + 47 33139700

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