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Phontech DICS 61xx Intercom Units End of Life Notice

Pleases be advised that Jotron will discontinue manufacturing of the Phontech DICS 61xx Intercom units.

Last time buy order date for the discontinued DICS 61xx Intercom Units is set to December 28th 2018 with latest normal shipment date March 1st 2019. Deviations from these dates will have to be agreed with your Area Sales Manager.

Jotron will provide spare parts, service and support for 10 years, until January 1st 2029.


- 6111 Unit with handset, relay, loudspeaker connection, for external signal, IP56 (p/n 17652)
- 6112 Unit, relay, loudspeaker connection, for external signal, IP56 (p/n 16935)
- 6113 Unit, relay, loudspeaker connection, console mounted (p/n 16926)
- 6123 Unit, relay, loudspeaker connection, console mounted, backlight and dimmer (p/n 16917)
- 6114 Portable Unit with plug and 5 meter cable, IP56 (p/n 16940)
- 6124 Unit with built-in loudspeaker, wall mounted, IP56 (p/n 16941).
These units are replaced by the new Intercom Unit range:
- 6210, Telephone, Desktop/Wall, UpN, IP22 (p/n 200100)
- 6211, Telephone, Industrial, UpN, IP56 (p/n 200300)
- 6212, Telephone, Industrial wo/Handset, UpN, IP56 (p/n 200500)
- 6223, Telephone, Console, UpN, IP22 (p/n 200700)
These Intercom Units are supplemented by this range of VoIP telephones:
- 7210, Telephone, Desktop/Wall, VoIP, IP22 (p/n 200200)
- 7211, Telephone, Industrial, VoIP, IP56 (p/n 200400)
- 7212, Telephone, Industrial wo/Handset, VoIP, IP56 (p/n 200600)
- 7223, Telephone, Console, VoIP, IP22 (p/n 200800)