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Press Release: Technology provider Ricochet continued growth in 2012

Ricochet has strengthened its position as a world-leading supplier of recording and replay systems in 2012.

Being acquired by Jotron last year, Ricochet forms part of Jotron's ATC and Coastal Communication Division. According to Director of Sales, Rolf Parnemann, the merger has added additional resources and given the company a strengthened position in the market. The company delivers proven, comprehensive and user-friendly solutions for ATC and marine applications.

Ricochet is experiencing an increasing demand from the global market, and a rapidly growing interest in their state-of-the-art recording technology. Their solutions have always been in the forefront of new business requirements, and provide the expertise and guidance required for new demands within ATC. Ricochet showed consistent growth in all markets last year and new contracts were signed in all parts of the world. Ricochet recently signed-up with Portuguese partner Cartil Communications & Electronics Corporation and French partner Thales Air Systems S.A for delivery of record and replay systems to two Angolan and two Panamanian airports. This is Ricochet’s first installations in Panama.

With a well-established customer portfolio, highly forward-thinking product development and new offerings, Ricochet is guiding long-term customers looking to define a new roadmap for their ATC safety recording – and to increase operational efficiency. According to Mr. Parnemann there are more contracts to be closed during the first month of 2013.

"Africa is a rapidly expanding market for Ricochet installations, as well as South America and the Middle-East. Their commitment to security partner Ricochet is based on its record of integrity as the most reliable recording solution for evolving ATC safety operations," Mr. Parnemann concludes.

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