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RCMS - Remote Control and Monitoring

Last edited 2018.08.20


Jotron Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) is a further development and replacement of Jotron RACSIII. Jotron RCMS allows remote access, monitoring and control of the Jotron 7000 series’ radios, radio gateways and Interface Control Unit (ICU).

The system offer easier user experience and advanced key features like alarm monitoring and real time BITE information. Jotron RCMS is a complete radio test and measurement system and includes a comprehensive built-in reporting tool. The reporting tool allows radio-network operators to remotely do complete qualifying measurements - saving time and cost on on-site work.

For inquiries regarding our ATC products, please contact our Jotron sales team: https://www.jotron.com/Kategori/Contact-sales/508.php

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