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RRC 7700 - Remote Radio Control

Last edited 2018.08.20


The Jotron RRC 7700 is a cost effective and flexible solution that accommodates both small and medium sized airports, emergency systems, last resort solutions, portable shelters, ports and towers.

This fourth generation Remote Radio Controller contains a  VoIP solution  which features numerous scalability, flexibility and installation options.  The RRC 7700 can control radios directly over an IP network, for a small system with a few radios and controller positions. A larger system requires a VoIP server. The VoIP server will concentrate the VoIP streams (reducing bandwidth), and is able to perform advanced functionality such as dynamic delay compensation, voting and climax offset operation.

For inquiries regarding our ATC products, please contact our Jotron sales team: https://www.jotron.com/Kategori/Contact-sales/508.php

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