Ricochet Recording & Replay Systems

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Ricochet is Jotron’s world-leading synchronised recording and replay system within ATC and marine markets.

The complete recording solution
Jotron’s customers are dependent on a system that eases and assists their daily tasks and decision-making processes. Ricochet recorder can record practically all data and deliver the total scenario when reconstruction of an incident is imperative:

Audio – from any interface
Radar - transmitted on different media
Screens – even 4K x 2K
Networks – encrypted or open
and CCTV - which all can be recorded and replayed perfectly synchronized.

The solution includes easy-to-use applications for search, replay, impound, backup and management.

Technologically ambitious
The components communicate over Ethernet and can be distributed across a number of computers and even locations. Ricochet’s component-based software design means that the system is extremely flexible and will perform just as well recording and replaying a few analogue telephone lines, as it will hundreds of audio channels, microphones and radios, together with radars, CCTV and operator screens.

Work with standardising committees
The product has been designed to meet the specific demands of world-wide ATC environments, and Jotron’s profound knowledge of air traffic management requirements makes the system fully compliant with both national and international standards. The solution is based on COTS hardware.

For inquiries regarding our recorder products, please contact our Jotron sales team: https://www.jotron.com/Kategori/Contact-sales/508.php

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